Jennifer Dunn
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Senior Associate

Jennifer Dunn aims to support all educational assessment stakeholders by gaining an understating of the current issues they are facing and supporting the development of practical solutions. Her holistic approach to problem solving is built on an ability to understand complex technical assessment issues and their impact on state policies.

Jenn recently rejoined the Center for Assessment as a Senior Associate where she supports the Center in merging advanced technical measurement knowledge with contemporary policy and large-scale practice to improve assessment and accountability in support of student learning. Her current responsibilities include consulting, research, development, and dissemination to support states as they implement their assessment programs.

Her early interest in research, teaching, and learning combined with an aptitude for mathematics led her to a Ph.D. in psychometrics. Jenn joined the Center for Assessment, where she gained practical experience about how psychometric principles could be used to inform educational policy decisions and the subsequent ramifications for students, parents, and teachers. Understanding the potential outcomes of assessments led her to Measured Progress with the intention of exploring all elements of the assessment process. She developed a specific interest in the test design, development, analyses, and reporting procedures and their implications on the valid use of the assessment results. As the Director of Psychometrics, Research, Data and Reporting Services at Measured Progress, Jenn was responsible for overseeing the daily operations of all psychometric, data and reporting staff, operational functions, systems development and process improvements. Drawing on over fifteen years of psychometric experience, Jenn served as the primary psychometric advisor for Measured Progress, providing strategic psychometric support through the designs and implementation of research initiatives that inform all aspects of educational assessment.

Jenn maintains active involvement in the psychometric community by presenting at industry conferences and publishing articles so that she can continue to understand the new developments in the industry and what they mean for the educational community.

Jennifer Dunn is committed to helping clients get the most out of their assessment systems through an enhanced understanding of technical and political design implications and the development of feasible technically sound assessment solutions.

Recent and Relevant Publications

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