2017 Reidy Interactive Lecture Series



September 28th – 29th, 2017
Portsmouth Harbor Events and Conference Center
100 Deer Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801



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Conference Overview

In the fall of 2017, the Next Generation Science Standards will be four years old. Efforts to assess the knowledge, skills and abilities captured by the standards are, and will be, at different stages of development and based on different conceptions of what it means to assess the NGSS. The goal of this conference is to draw together those involved or interested in efforts to assess the NGSS to better understand:

  • The NGSS and the challenges the standards pose to assessment,
  • Approaches to assessing the NGSS and how the results of those approaches might be evaluated, and
  • What the future of NGSS assessment might look like, with emphasis on what questions or issues will become important and how current and future design efforts can address them.

By gathering a diverse group of participants, this conference is meant to provide a place for individuals to share lessons learned and possibly pool resources to address common concerns. The conference is also meant to provide a check in on the state of the art of NGSS assessment – providing an overview of development efforts across schools, districts, states and organizations that can act as a touchstone for future development efforts.