The National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment, Inc.
Mailing Address
31 Mount Vernon Street
Dover, NH 03820
Phone (603) 516-7900
Fax (603) 516-7910

Street Address 

31 Mount Vernon Street
Dover, NH 03820

Email Contacts:

Richard Hill Founder
Scott Marion Executive Director
Chris Domaleski Associate Director
Damian Betebenner Senior Associate
Juan D’Brot Senior Associate
Charles DePascale Senior Associate
Jennifer Dunn Senior Associate
Brian Gong Senior Associate
Erika L. Hall Senior Associate
Leslie Keng Senior Associate
Joseph Martineau Senior Associate
Jeri Thompson Senior Associate
Nathan Dadey Associate
Susan Lyons Associate
LauraLee McGuane Executive Coordinator
Erin Joyce Contract Coordinator
Sandi Chaplin Executive Assistant

Email to each Center staff member should be addressed using the following convention: first initial + last name + “” For example, if the staff member were named “Susan Brown,” her email address would be

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