Accountability Systems

Design of Accountability Systems
The Center’s primary mission is the design of effective accountability systems. In particular, our goals are to design systems that:

  • Establish meaningful measures
  • Create technically rigorous systems
  • Realize legislative mandates
  • Set reasonable and legally defensible standards
  • Incorporate effective approaches used in other states
  • Address special needs populations
  • Reflect best practices of experts
  • Comply with federal regulations
  • Reflect on-going assessment data back into the system
  • Integrate assessment into the curriculum

Planning, Evaluation and Implementation of Systems
The Center works with clients in a supportive role, guiding them in planning, implementation and evaluation of programs. We can work on implementing new systems or targeted tasks related to implementing or evaluating segments of new or existing systems.

  • Determine state needs
  • Set policy and legislative goals
  • Plan yearly progress measurement programs
  • Prepare draft legislation
  • Evaluate assessment data
  • Develop RFPs and evaulate RFPs
  • Evaluate assessment and accountability systems for effectiveness, legal compliance, innovative approaches, adherence to best practices, technical accuracy
  • Evaluate whether a program promotes a set of specific educational or legislative goals
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