Charlie DePascale
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Senior Associate

Since joining the Center in 2002, Charlie DePascale has provided technical guidance and support in the design and use of assessment systems that support student, educator and school accountability systems through direct work with individual states and through participation in multi-state research projects, conference presentations, workshops, and publication of papers. He works with clients to uncover problems and solutions in complex assessment environments, promoting the understanding of the appropriate use and interpretation of assessment and assessment results to support educational policy.

A career-long pursuit continues to be fostering assessment literacy and an understanding of the role of large-scale assessment within a balanced assessment system and the role of assessment within PK-12 education systems.

As a Senior Associate, Charlie supported Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont in the design, implementation, and ongoing operations of the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) from 2003 through 2014. He has also worked extensively and closely with the Rhode Island Department of Education since 2004 on their assessment and accountability initiatives. He has served as a member of the Massachusetts Technical Advisory Committee since 2002 and facilitates technical advisory committees for Louisiana, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and the Multi-State Science Assessment (Rhode Island and Vermont).

His recent work has included several projects related to the comparability of assessment results across variations in test content and administration conditions.

Charlie is an active participant in the regional research organizations NEERO and NERA. He has been a member of the New England Educational Research Organization (NEERO) Board of Directors since 1997 and served as President from 2000 to 2002. He was elected to the Northeastern Educational Research Association (NERA) Board of Directors in 2011 and was elected President for 2015-2016.

Charlie received a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a concentration in educational measurement and evaluation.

Charlie DePascale's work focuses on assessment literacy and the strengths and limitations of the use of assessment to support sound educational policy.

Recent and Relevant Publications

DePascale, C., Sharp, A., Ryan, K. & Betebenner, D. (2018). Building a Conceptual Framework for Assessment Literacy.

DePascale, C., Dadey, N., & Lyons, S. (2016).  Score comparability across computerized assessment delivery devices. Council of Chief State School Officers.

DePascale, C. (2016). Living in a post-Validity world: Cleaning up our Messick. NERA Presidential Address. October 2016.

DePascale, C. & Betebenner, D. (2015). Utility vis-à-vis validity

DePascale, C. (2009). Formative reform: purposeful planning for the next generation of assessment and accountability systems.

DePascale, C. (2003). The ideal role of large-scale testing in a comprehensive assessment system.


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