Joseph Martineau
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Senior Associate

Joseph Martineau joined the Center as a Senior Associate in January 2014, and has led and contributed to work on growth models, prepared for and analyzed the effects of interruptions of online testing, developed and improved testing and accountability systems, measured achievement gaps, conducted standard setting, evaluated test security, designed comprehensive assessment systems, conceptualized high school assessment under ESSA, designed educator certification testing, and implemented educator evaluation systems. He has supported educational organizations and states by facilitating and serving on Technical Advisory Committees, facilitating panels recommending new state assessment and accountability systems, evaluating state assessment and accountability systems, writing reports, research papers, and white papers, facilitating and writing peer review submissions, and making presentations to national and state conferences.

Joseph spent ten years with the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) as a Psychometrician, Manager of Large-scale Assessment Programs, Director of Assessment & Accountability, and Deputy Superintendent responsible for assessment, accountability, educator preparation and certification, and communication and governmental affairs. Highlights of his accomplishments at MDE include developing a new growth model, developing requests for proposals for state assessment system, developing successful peer review submissions, managing many standard setting activities, making successful business cases to the legislature for new staffing and funding, and building IT systems for item development, item banking, test construction, and test administration management./p>

Joseph has also served as a Board member of the National Council on Measurement in Education, Co-chair of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, and Appointed Representative of the State Superintendent on the Michigan Council for Educator Evaluation.

Joseph received a Ph.D. from Michigan State University with a concentration in Measurement and Quantitative Methods in Education.

Joseph Martineau’s work focuses on assisting clients desiring to evaluate and improve their practice at the intersection of issues in public policy, psychometrics, and operations.

Recent and Relevant Publications

Martineau, J. A. (2016). A Guide to Understanding and Selecting Measures of Growth for Smarter Balanced Members. Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium: Los Angeles, CA.

Martineau, J. A., & Marion, S. (2015). Wyoming’s Statewide Assessment System: Recommendations from the Wyoming Assessment Task Force. Center for Assessment: Dover, NH.

Martineau, J. A., & Domaleski, C., Egan, K., Patelis, T., & Dadey, N. (2015). Recommendations for Addressing the Impact of Test Administration Interruptions and Irregularities. CCSSO: Washington, DC. Available at: Computer Based Interruptions 110415

Martineau, J. A., Jurich, D., Hauger, J. B., & Huff, K. (in press). Security Vulnerabilities Facing Next Generation Accountability Testing. In G. J. Cizek and Wollack, J. A. (Eds.) Handbook of Detecting Cheating on Tests (pp. TBD). Taylor & Francis/Routledge, NY. Available at:

Martineau, J. A. (2010). The Validity of Value-Added Models: An Allegory. Phi Delta Kappan. 91(7), 64-67. Available at: