2004 Reidy Interactive Lecture Series

Incorporating Measures of Student Growth Into State Accountability Systems

The sessions provided concrete guidance on how to create content standards that clearly embody student development over time, and how to check whether the assessments are properly aligned. Different ways to measure student growth were presented, from simple to highly sophisticated multilevel models. Key decisions were identified for states to consider when designing a school accountability system that incorporates student growth, and a detailed example was provided of how that could be done.

Session I:

Validity Considerations When Measuring Growth
Scott Marion, Center for Assessment

Session II:

Vertically-Articulated Content Standards, Test Specifications, and Score Scales
Lauress Wise, HumRRO
Karin Hess, Center for Assessment
Stanley Rabinowitz, WestEd

Session III:

Technical Considerations When Measuring Student Growth
Pete Goldschmidt, CRESST

Session IV:

Incorporating Growth Measurements in Statewide Accountability Systems
Richard Hill, Center for Assessment
Brian Gong, Center for Assessment