2008 Reidy Interactive Lecture Series

Validating Assessment and Accountability Programs

The 2008 RILS will bridge theory and practice in focusing on how to validate assessment and accountability programs building on advances in the field over the past several years. The program will be organized around three major topics: • Validation of assessments and assessment systems • Validation of accountability decisions and accountability systems • Validating assessments and accountability for special populations

Session I:

Overview of a validity argument
Henry Braun, Boston College

Session II:
Moderated Panel: Key considerations for different types of validation efforts

Validating accountability systems
Brian Gong, Center for Assessment

Assessment of special populations
Scott Marion, Center for Assessment

College Readiness
Laurie Wise, HumRRO

Session III:
In-depth example #1: Validating a state's alternate assessment system

Scott Marion, Center for Assessment
Melissa Fincher, Georgia DOE

Session IV:
In-depth example #2: Developing a theory of action as a framework for an accountability system that includes status and growth

Brian Gong, Center for Assessment

Session V:
In-depth example #3: Validating a college readiness assessment

Laurie Wise, HumRRO
Robert Triscari and Tracy Halka, Achieve