2009 Reidy Interactive Lecture Series

Next Generation Assessment and Accountability Systems

The focus of the 2009 RILS conference was on Next Generation Assessment and Accountability Systems. Our starting point, however, was consideration of the fundamental goals of public education that those assessment and accountability systems are intended to support. Only with an understanding of what we expect from public education can we design appropriate assessment and accountability systems that are aligned with those goals. Looking ahead toward an image of where public education should and can be in fifteen years, presenters, panelists, and attendees discussed the type of assessment and accountability systems necessary to support that education system and the steps needed to begin moving from our current assessment and accountability systems designed to meet the requirements of NCLB to the next generation of assessment and accountability systems. The conference was organized into half-day sessions focused on the three topics of Public Education, Assessment, and Accountability Systems. Each session included a keynote address, panel presentations and discussion, and facilitated discussion among presenters and other conference attendees.

Session I:

Public Education Systems
Peter McWalters, Former Commissioner of Rhode Island Department of Education

Session II:

Assessment Systems
Stuart Kahl, Measured Progress

Session III:

Accountability Systems
Eva Baker, UCLA