Assessment in the Classroom

Bringing It All Together

Conference Overview

Classroom teachers are inundated with demands to administer a variety of assessments to meet a variety of purposes including providing information to support student, teacher, and school accountability. In any given year, a teacher may be presented with results from state assessments, interim assessments, performance tasks, student learning objectives (SLO), and common district or school-wide assessments along with information about student attainment obtained from their own classroom observations and assessments. How do teachers process data from all of these sources to make informed instructional decisions and meet the ultimate goal of improving student achievement? What infrastructure and supports are needed to make that processing more efficient and effective?

The 2014 Reidy Interactive Lecture Series (RILS) will focus on bringing all of these seemingly independent assessment efforts together into a cohesive, balanced system that provides the data and information needed to support instruction, program evaluation, and accountability. This conference will address what is needed to transform the vast amount of raw data generated from assessments into actionable information useful to administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Over the course of the two-day conference, four main themes will drive a program of presentations, discussions, practical demonstrations, dialogue, and informal gatherings:

  • Identifying the unique and important information each of the various assessments contributes to our understanding of student or teacher performance
  • Describing the actual intended, and ideal relationships among summative measures of student attainment such as course grades, results from SLO, interim assessments, and state assessments
  • Developing systems that effectively and efficiently collect data on student attainment and transform it into relevant information for teachers, administrators, students, and parents
  • Combining all of the information about student attainment to meet the desired purposes and provide useful information to teachers, administrators, students, and parents

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