Evaluating the Evaluators: Evaluating Educator Evaluation Systems

2012 Conference: September 13-14, 2012 Boston, MA

The Reidy Interactive Lecture Series (RILS) 2012 focused on the critical issue of how to tell if new models of educator evaluation are fulfilling the intended policy goals or leading to negative unintended consequences.  State and district leaders are racing to develop these new evaluation systems in order to meet promised policy requirements. Many practitioners and others are rightfully asking, "How will we know if the system is working?"

We were fortunate to have had national experts -- Henry Braun, Courtney Bell, Heather Hill, and others -- along with leaders from Denver Public Schools and Montgomery County lead robust discussions on key considerations for designing evaluations of the evaluation systems.

Ed Reidy, in whose memory this conference was named, was best known for his work in innovative assessment programs—notably in Kentucky—but was most interested in the applications of assessment in the service of improved teaching and learning. When Ed chose what turned out to be his final career area, it was in seeking ways to support improved teaching. We are proud that the 2012 presenters and attendees honored Ed's memory.

Thursday, September 13

Evaluating Teacher Evaluation Systems: Introduction and Conference Overview

Scott Marion, Center for Assessment

Session 1

Using Student Work for Educator Accountability: The Road from Authenticity to Validity

Henry Braun, Lynch School of Education, Boston College

Facilitated Discussion by Damian Betebenner

Damian Betebenner, Center for Assessment

Session 2

Validation of Professional Practice Components of Teacher Evaluation Systems
Handout: Theory of Use for Professional Practice Measures

Courtney Bell

Facilitated Discussion by Chris Domaleski

Chris Domaleski, Center for Assessment

Denver Public Schools Educator Evaluation: LEAP

Henry Roman and Pamela Shamburg

Consulting Teachers  Building the Capacity of Teachers and Supporting Student Achievement

David I. Steinberg, Ph.D. Director, Department of Professional Growth Systems Office of Human Resources and Development Montgomery County Public Schools  

Friday, September 14

Panel Discussion: Identifying the Highest Evaluation Priorities and Beginning the Work (How to Start Developing the Framework and Engaging in High Leverage Studies).

Discussion Facilitated by Marianne Perie, Center for Assessment
Bridging Theory and Practice: 5 Tentative Conclusions by Laurie Wise
RILS: Evaluating the Evaluators

A personal response Brian Gong, Center for Assessment

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