Assessment Reports

Assessment Reports Reporting

Promoting Effective Practices for Subscore Reporting and Use

A Framework for Reporting Technically-Sound and Useful Subscores on State Assessments

This is the fifth in a series of CenterLine posts by our 2019 summer interns and their Center mentors based on their project and the assessment and accountability issues they addressed this summer. Victoria Tanaka, from the University of Georgia, worked with Chris Domaleski on a review of the reporting of subscores on states’ large-scale assessments.

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Open Educational Resources Assessment Open Analytics Reporting Assessment Reports Educational Dashboards

Assessment Dashboards, Reports, and Open Analytics

Supporting State Department of Education Staff with Internal Decision Making

The results of educational assessments have never been more visible. Over the past 20 years, the reporting of state assessment results has shifted from oft-ignored printed handouts to publicly-available online dashboards and report cards. Parents, schools, and the general public have an almost unheard of level of access to data describing school performance.

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