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What's in a Name? Sometimes, Quite a Bit

Considering the Effects of COVID-19 Disruptions on Identifying Schools for Supports Under ESSA

Following a two-year hiatus, states must restart their school accountability systems required under ESSA and identify schools for supports. In addition to well-documented technical concerns, states must also consider how they report accountability results, the labels they use to communicate quality to the public, and the words they use to describe performance. Do the names and labels so carefully crafted when the accountability system was developed pre-pandemic have the same meaning in spring 2022? I explore these ideas in this blog post. 

What’s in a Name? 

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Instructing & Assessing 21st Century Skills: A Focus on Complex Communication

The Third in a 7-Part Series on Research and Best Practices Related to Instruction and Assessment of 21st Century Skills

This is the third in a series of seven posts on instructing and assessing 21st Century skills. This post focuses on complex communication, one of the four critical 21st Century skills addressed in the series.

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