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A Culturally Responsive Classroom Assessment Framework 

The Intersections of Equity, Pedagogy, and Sociocultural Assessment

Equity is a value undergirding public educational systems. Educational equity is about beliefs, and beliefs are lived out through actions and choices made relative to pedagogy, assessment, and education policy. Culturally responsive education (CRE) is a mental model or mindset that can be applied to help close Equity gaps. There are many different frameworks for thinking about and applying CRE to design and evaluate culturally responsive classroom assessment.

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The Center is Getting Emotional about Assessment

Part 2: What States Can Do To Support Balanced SEL Assessment Systems

This is the second in a four-part series on social and emotional learning (SEL) assessment by Center associate Chris Brandt and guest author Katie Buckley, Managing Director of Research & Learning at Transforming Education. Across four posts, they make the argument that balanced systems of assessment must effectively support SEL and offer recommendations for how states, districts, and schools can and should support SEL in responsible and useful ways through assessment.

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