Assessment Systems ESSA Reporting Use of Assessment Results

Improving Equity: Understanding State Identification Systems under ESSA

Creating a Framework to Help Describe Differences in How States Identify Schools for Support and Improvement

This is the second in a series of CenterLine posts by our 2019 summer interns and their Center mentors based on their project and the assessment and accountability issues they addressed this summer. Nikole Gregg from James Madison University worked with Brian Gong on how states have attempted to promote equity through the design of their ESSA accountability systems.

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Balancing Skepticism and Utility in Machine Scoring

Understanding How Machine Scoring Can Be Used Now, and What We Need to Do to Expand Its Usefulness for the Future

Without a doubt, the public is skeptical about using machine scoring for examinees’ written responses. This skepticism makes sense because we know that machines do not score all elements of writing equally well. Machines do not “understand” creativity, irony, humor, allegory, and other literary techniques, opening them to criticism for their insufficiency in evaluating some of these more subtle qualities of writing. 

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ESSA Educational Assessment Assessment Systems

An Education Innovator’s Dilemma

The Challenge in Trying to Be Innovative Under ESSA’s Innovative Assessment Demonstration Authority

I was an early supporter and promoter of the Innovative Assessment Demonstration Authority (IADA) under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), but I now have serious doubts about the viability of the IADA and its ability to support deep and meaningful educational reform.

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