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Validity Educational Assessment State Assessment Educational Measurement

Advancing Contemporary Validity Theory and Practice

Based on Remarks Given During a Town Hall Session at the 2022 NCME Conference

I was honored to participate in a validity “town hall” at last week’s NCME conference with Suzanne Lane, my co-author of the validity chapter in the upcoming 5th edition of Educational Measurement, and Greg Cizek, Professor of Education at the University of North Carolina. It’s no secret that Greg and I have had some disagreements about validity theory and validation over the years, particularly about the role of consequences. It was a lively session, but Jon Twing, Senior VP at Pearson, kept control of things as the moderator.

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California, Here We Come!

The Center Welcomes the Return of In-Person AERA and NCME Conferences

After two years of virtual conferences, meetings, and just about everything else, Center professionals are excited to gather in San Diego from April 21-25 for the annual meetings of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the National Council of Measurement in Education (NCME). 

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Through Year Assessment State Assessment Educational Assessment Accountability Large-Scale Assessment Assessment Systems

But Will It Work in Practice?

Practical Challenges to the Use of Through-Year Assessment for Accountability

The interest in using through-year assessment systems in place of traditional end-of-year state summative assessments has been increasing rapidly and was the subject of a convening hosted by the Center for Assessment in November 2021.

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Accountability ESSA Opportunity to Learn Personalized Learning Education Policy

Accountability Doesn’t Need to be Restarted. It Needs to be Revised!

Making the Case for a New Approach to Federal School Accountability

The U.S. Department of Education followed an all too familiar pattern of publishing important guidance just before the Christmas holiday, dropping a lump of coal in the stockings of state accountability directors. The gift, or Christmas miracle, that states needed was an acknowledgment that federal school accountability requirements need to be revised, not simply restarted. Unfortunately, the draft requirements simply discuss (direct) how states must restart their accountability systems in 2021-2022 after what has essentially been a 2-year accountability hiatus. 

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Through Year Assessment Performance Assessment Balanced Assessment Systems Assessment Systems Large-Scale Testing

All I Wanted for Christmas Was a Through Year Assessment System that Promotes Deeper Learning

Fulfilling the Promise of Performance-Based Assessment

In my recent post, I promised to reveal the type of through year assessment design I’d like to see. After providing some background and context, I provide a high-level description of my design for a through year assessment system that promotes deeper learning while alleviating many of the problems caused by current assessment designs.

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Accountability Assessment school disruptions Center Updates

Oh, What a Year…Again

Responding to Assessment and Accountability Challenges During an Ongoing Pandemic

I titled my 2020 year-end CenterLine post, “Oh, What a Year!” with hopes that we were turning the pandemic corner. There’s no question the widespread availability of vaccines beginning in early spring 2021 gave us all a sense of hope only to have it dashed and renewed multiple times throughout this year following COVID’s ebb and flow.

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Through Year Assessment Assessment Systems Innovative Assessment State Testing Assessment

Collaboratively Learning About Through Year Assessments

It Will Take A Village to Fulfill the Opportunities of Through Year Assessment Systems

“Through year” or “through course” assessment systems are rapidly proliferating as an alternative to the single, end-of-year administration of state accountability tests. There are at least ten states and associated assessment companies in various stages of exploration, design, and/or development of these systems.

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Educational Assessment State Testing Learning Acceleration Assessment COVID-19 Response

Break the Glass and Pull the Alarm! The Signal From Spring 2021 State Testing is Clear

A Call to Policymakers to Support Multi-Year Acceleration Efforts

I and many others were concerned that the uncertainty with interpreting Spring 2021 state summative test scores because of all the “noise” associated with the pandemic would blur any signal we were trying to hear from the data. Unfortunately, that signal is so loud that we can’t miss it. In spite of any uncertainty, we have more than enough information to pull the policy alarm!

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Through Year Assessment State Testing Validity Accountability Innovative Assessment Assessment

Trying to Serve Multiple Uses with Through Year Assessments

Assumptions, Claims, and the Evidence Needed to Support Them

Assumptions lead to claims about the types of inferences and uses that an assessment system is intended to support. Strong assumptions require strong evidence. This axiom holds true for educational measurement and most other scientific endeavors. The current interest in through year assessments appears to be based on very strong assumptions about the multiple purposes through year assessments may serve. Is there evidence to support these assumptions?

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Educational Assessment Innovative Assessment IADA RILS Assessment

Following their Lead

Conversations with Innovative Assessment Demonstration Authority State Leaders

Five states have been approved to implement innovative assessment pilots as part of the Innovative Assessment Demonstration Authority (IADA) under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). As part of our 2021 Reidy Interactive Lecture Series (RILS) on assessment innovation, we thought it was critical to hear directly from these IADA leaders. 

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