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Assessing the Academic Impact of COVID-19 in Summer 2021

Spring 2021 State Summative Assessment Data Enhances Our Understanding of the Impact of the Pandemic

As we approach 18 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, evidence regarding the academic impact on students is still relatively scarce; information we have largely comes from interim assessments (e.g., Renaissance STAR or NWEA MAP). Beginning in Fall 2020, several interim assessment vendors leveraged their assessment data to examine the academic impact of the pandemic in the United States.

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SGP School Disruption Student Growth Assessment Accountability COVID-19 Response

Issues and Considerations that the COVID-19 Pandemic Presents for Measuring Student Growth

Discussing the Implications of Calculating Student Growth Scores for Accountability and Using Growth as a Tool to Analyze the Impact of School Closures on Student Learning

The COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) global pandemic is having far-reaching effects in all facets of our lives. The impact on student education has been discussed in general terms in the media relative to school closures, and we at the Center for Assessment have been adding to the conversation by giving our thoughts on how changes to statewide assessment administrations may impact state efforts toward measuring student growth for the current and subsequent academic years. 

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