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The complex and multi-faceted problems we face rarely have a single or simple solution. On CenterLine, we encourage the Center team and guest authors to present a diversity of viewpoints, and an author’s view may evolve as conditions change and understandings grow.

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    RILS Innovative Assessment Design Thinking Innovation Center Updates Innovative Assessment

    Putting Design First in Assessment System Design

    Introducing the 2021 Reidy Interactive Lecture Series: Design Innovation in Educational Assessment Systems

    Held each fall since 1999, the Reidy Interactive Lecture Series (RILS) provides a unique opportunity for a diverse group of participants to step back and discuss timely and important topics in assessment and accountability. For RILS 2021 we will gather to consider how states can employ lessons from design thinking as they attempt to create innovative assessment system design.

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    Center Updates Assessment Accountability

    Spring 2021 Conference Season: The Sequel

    Center Participation at the NCME and CCSSO NCSA Virtual Conferences

    We welcomed the Spring 2021 conference season with Center participation in national and regional conferences that occurred virtually in April. 

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    Covid-19 Disruptions Opportunity to Learn game-based assessment classroom performance assessment Instruction Center Updates Assessment

    2021 Summer Internships: The Future Is Now

    Center Staff and Interns Look Toward the Future of Educational Assessment and Accountability

    As it appears the country is finally turning the corner on the pandemic, we are excited at the prospect of doffing our masks, rolling up our sleeves, and focusing on the future of educational assessment and accountability through our 2021 summer internship program.

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    Assessment Literacy Pre-service Education formative assessment Teaching Assessment Use of Assessment Results

    Supporting Teacher Assessment Literacy Through Pre-service Education and the Early Years of Teaching

    Challenges and Approaches to Guide New Teachers in the Wake of COVID-19 School Disruptions 

    This fall, a batch of fresh new teachers, eager and anxious to start their careers, will enter into a context where interruptions in formal schooling across two school years have caused substantially different learning experiences for the students in their class. These teachers will be tasked with implementing strategies to identify initial student understandings and then support and monitor progress in learning. Supporting the assessment literacy of teachers through pre-service education and their early years of teaching is more important than ever. 

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    culturally responsive CRSE systemic change Assessment

    Shared Responsibility for Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education

    All Must Respond to the Call for Systemic Change in the Educational System

    It is not difficult to understand the call for culturally sustaining pedagogy given the ubiquitous news reports of police brutality, racism, discrimination, and violence against African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Americans, and quite frankly, anyone not White. The sad fact is that this sentiment and these behaviors have been part of America’s fabric for hundreds of years.

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    Through Year Assessment State Testing Innovative Assessment grading Educational Assessment Assessment

    Educating Pablo: A Play About Through Course Assessment Systems

    Dissecting the Conundrum of Testing Throughout the Year or Once at the End in a Conversation Between Teacher and Student

    Various states have advanced through-course proposals, in which states administer tests throughout the year rather than only once at the end. Some of these proposals come through the Innovative Assessment Demonstration Authority (IADA). Others are externally funded initiatives or proposed as a one-time spring 2021 replacement for traditional end-of-year state tests.

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    Balanced Assessment Educational Assessment Theory of Assessment Assessment

    It Might Just be a Pile of Bricks! 

    The Challenges of Creating Balanced Assessment Systems

    “…a collection of assessments does not entail a system any more than a pile of bricks entails a house.” Coladarci (2002)

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    Innovative Assessment Educational Assessment ESSA Assessment

    Implementing an Innovative State Assessment System While We’re Still Building It: 

    Houston, I Think We Might Have a Problem

    One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and yet expecting different results. Recently, I have been thinking about how this adage applies to innovative state assessment systems—those systems states are developing that offer new ways of measuring student proficiency for use in state accountability systems. I have concluded that one of the reasons that successful innovation in state assessment systems has been so rare is that we continue to ask states to implement innovative assessment systems before the state or the system is ready.

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    COVID-19 Educational Assessment Assessment Literacy Assessment COVID-19 Response

    Educational Assessment and the Pandemic: What Have We Learned?  

    Reflecting on the Enduring Lessons From COVID-19 

    A year ago the pandemic changed everything, including the way we think about educational assessment. Although COVID-19 was well on its way to becoming a global pandemic in early 2020, it wasn’t until the second week of March that I, like many Americans, realized the full scale of the impact.  Then, the pandemic suddenly became one of those rare things that I never thought about until it was the only thing I thought about.   

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    COVID-19 school disruptions Assessment Literacy CBE Innovative Assessment Center Updates Assessment

    Here Comes the Sun – Research and Testing Conferences are Back!

    Conference Season is a Welcome Break from the Long Winter

    The arrival of spring brings with it the spring 2021 conference season – another sign that we may be moving out of the extended COVID-19 winter. Among the first events canceled last spring, annual educational research and testing conferences are returning this spring, albeit with virtual formats. Center professionals welcome these opportunities to share our work with the broader academic and practice communities and to learn about the latest thinking and research that will shape our future.

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