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    Anti-racism Educational Assessment Accountability Educational Measurement Assessment Accountability

    We are part of the problem

    An argument for a renewed commitment to anti-racism in educational assessment and accountability

    Over the past few weeks, the country has grappled with how to confront systemic racism and create an anti-racist society. We are pleased to share this guest post by former Center Associate Susan Lyons with her perspective on what the educational assessment and accountability community must do to address those issues in the development and use of educational assessments and accountability systems.

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    Educational Assessment 21st Century skills Performance Assessment Collaboration Assessment

    Instructing & Assessing 21st Century Skills: A Focus on Collaboration

    This is the second in a series of seven posts on instructing and assessing 21st Century skills. This post focuses on collaboration, one of the four critical 21st Century skills addressed in the series.

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    Educational Assessment 21st Century skills Performance Assessment Assessment

    Instructing & Assessing 21st Century Skills

    Overview of a seven-part series on research and best practices related to instruction and assessment of 21st Century skills

    This is the first in a series of seven weekly posts on instructing and assessing 21st Century skills. This post provides background on 21st Century skills, the Center’s recent work in that area, and an overview of the set of seven posts.

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    School Disruption Learning Loss Education Reform Educational Assessment Assessment COVID-19 Response

    Contextualizing COVID-19 “Learning Loss” and “Learning Recovery”

    Education Reform has Always Been About Recovering Losses in Learning.

    In a late April survey by EdWeek, 320 district administrators were asked to indicate the most urgent needs that assessment vendors could help within the wake of COVID-19.

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    Educational Assessment Diagnostic Assessment School Disruption COVID-19 Response Assessment Use of Assessment Results

    You Say Tomato: Concerns About the Diagnostic Assessment Rhetoric

    Educators Need Clear Descriptions of the Intended Uses and Interpretations of Educational Assessments

    Educational assessment has a naming problem and the latest example of it is the current rhetoric regarding wide-scale use of diagnostic assessment. This is likely true for other fields as well, but it is particularly rampant in education. When my colleagues, Marianne Perie and Brian Gong, and I first wrote about “interim assessment,” we conducted a search for the terms ‘formative, benchmark, predictive’ and several others.

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    Educational Assessment Validity Reliability Fairness

    2020 Summer Internships: A Little More Certainty in an Uncertain Future

    Center Staff and Interns Will Address Pressing Issues in Educational Assessment and Accountability

    Although so much about the future seems uncertain, we are excited this month to bring a little normalcy into our world by addressing key questions and challenges in educational assessment and accountability through our 2020 summer internship program. This summer, the Center welcomes four advanced doctoral students who will work with the Center’s professionals on projects that will have direct implications for state and national educational policy. Each intern will work with a Center mentor on one major project throughout the summer.

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    School Disruption Educational Assessment Supporting Instruction Assessment COVID-19 Response

    Educational Assessment 2020-21 Is Assessment 101

    The Instructional Landscape Is Not What We Were Expecting, But We Know What To Do

    In recent weeks, several CenterLine posts have addressed how states, districts, and schools should consider using assessment to support instruction when school begins again in the fall. We are pleased to share this guest post by Kristen Huff of Curriculum Associates with her perspective on this important topic.

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    School Disruption Classroom Assessment Balanced Assessment Systems Assessment Systems COVID-19 Response Assessment

    Stop Searching for the Holy Grail: Responding to COVID-19 Achievement Gaps

    How Educators Should Address Achievement Gaps Exacerbated by the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Since school closures and remote learning became the norm, I have received emails from school and district leaders relevant to COVID-19 achievement gaps asking some variation of this question:

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    School Disruption State Assessment Balanced Assessment Systems

    Summative State Assessments Can Wait!

    Arguments Against Administering the Spring 2020 Summative State Assessments When Students Go Back to School

    All states closed their schools in March and suspended or canceled annual state assessments. While the US Department of Education (USED) immediately waived state testing requirements for 2020, some states are contemplating the administration of their summative state assessments next fall; purportedly to help leaders and educators better understand and respond to the impact of school closures on student learning. Although this may seem appealing, these assessments are no better suited to informing instructional decisions than they have been in the past.

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    Fall Assessment Appropriate Assessment Fall Placement Student learning Education Assessment Accountability Remedial

    Fall Educational Assessment: The Information You Need and How to Get It

    How Selecting the Appropriate Assessment Can Help Inform Instruction This Fall

    Schools have dismissed students to enforce social distancing and have implemented remote learning for the rest of the 2019-20 school year. Learning has probably been more uneven than usual across students, classrooms, grades, schools, districts, and even states, which presents challenges for instructional planning, including planning for fall educational assessment. Selecting an appropriate assessment to inform instruction requires understanding what information you need, and what information the assessment provides

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