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    School Disruption State Assessment Balanced Assessment Systems

    Summative State Assessments Can Wait!

    Arguments Against Administering the Spring 2020 Summative State Assessments When Students Go Back to School

    All states closed their schools in March and suspended or canceled annual state assessments. While the US Department of Education (USED) immediately waived state testing requirements for 2020, some states are contemplating the administration of their summative state assessments next fall; purportedly to help leaders and educators better understand and respond to the impact of school closures on student learning. Although this may seem appealing, these assessments are no better suited to informing instructional decisions than they have been in the past.

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    Fall Assessment Appropriate Assessment Fall Placement Student learning Education Assessment Accountability Remedial

    Fall Educational Assessment: The Information You Need and How to Get It

    How Selecting the Appropriate Assessment Can Help Inform Instruction This Fall

    Schools have dismissed students to enforce social distancing and have implemented remote learning for the rest of the 2019-20 school year. Learning has probably been more uneven than usual across students, classrooms, grades, schools, districts, and even states, which presents challenges for instructional planning, including planning for fall educational assessment. Selecting an appropriate assessment to inform instruction requires understanding what information you need, and what information the assessment provides

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    Professional Development 21st Century skills Student learning Education Assessment Accountability COVID-19 Response

    Carpe Diem: Evolving Education After COVID-19

    How a Much-Needed Transformation to Teaching and Learning Can Emerge From the COVID-19 Crisis

    Graduates today, more than ever, will need to navigate the economic shifts resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic by independently resetting goals, adapting quickly, and applying what they’ve learned to solve new and novel problems. Skills such as these are commonly known as the “21st Century skills” and during these changing times, the ability to demonstrate these skills may make the difference between success and failure.

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    Interim Assessment program evaluation Education Public Health COVID-19 Response Assessment Accountability

    Program Evaluations under COVID-19

    A Guest Post by the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation

    Juan D’Brot and the Center are pleased to host this post prepared by Juan with contributions from his colleagues on the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation: Brad Watts, Julie Morrison, and Jennifer Merriman. The JCSEE's mission is to develop and promote standards for conducting high-quality evaluations through the use of the Program Evaluation Standards.

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    School Disruption Deeper Learning Innovative Assessment Assessment COVID-19 Response

    Remote Learning Provides an Opportunity to Rethink Assessment (and Learning)

    COVID-19 School Closures Provide an Opportunity to Think About and Assess Learning Differently

    Jal Mehta, author of In Search of Deeper Learning, was recently interviewed by Rick Hess about how to support deeper learning during the COVID-19 shutdown and remote learning.

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    Student Assessment Assessment Data Student Performance State Testing Online Learning Knowledge Gaps COVID-19 Response

    How Can We Continue Monitoring  Student Performance When We’re Losing Large-Scale Assessment Data? 

    Focusing on Assessment Purposes and Uses to Identify Potential Sources of Instructional Information 

    As seen by our growing list of recent CenterLine posts, professionals at the Center for Assessment are actively thinking about how to approach the loss of large-scale assessment and accountability data for this school year and its impact on monitoring student performance: 

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    ESSA State Assessment School Disruption COVID-19 Response Assessment Accountability

    Dealing with Fallout from COVID-19 School Disruptions: What to do Next in Assessment and Accountability?

    States Need to Deal with the Present, Plan for the Future

    In late winter-early spring 2020, COVID-19 school disruptions became mainstream across the U.S. States and communities implemented policies for “social distancing,” resulting in students schooling from home, which interrupted state assessment schedules in every state. 

    Canceling state assessments and local schooling have implications for several other state policies and programs, ranging from federal school accountability designations to determining how students could earn credits and graduate.

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    SGP School Disruption Student Growth Assessment Accountability COVID-19 Response

    Issues and Considerations that the COVID-19 Pandemic Presents for Measuring Student Growth

    Discussing the Implications of Calculating Student Growth Scores for Accountability and Using Growth as a Tool to Analyze the Impact of School Closures on Student Learning

    The COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) global pandemic is having far-reaching effects in all facets of our lives. The impact on student education has been discussed in general terms in the media relative to school closures, and we at the Center for Assessment have been adding to the conversation by giving our thoughts on how changes to statewide assessment administrations may impact state efforts toward measuring student growth for the current and subsequent academic years. 

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    ESSA School Disruption Accountability School Improvement COVID-19 Response

    The Outlook for ESSA School Accountability After COVID-19

    A Return to the Status Quo is Unlikely and That’s Just Fine

    For those hoping for minimal disruption to ESSA school accountability, I have bad news and more bad news.    

    The bad news is that school accountability as we know it is entirely offline for 2020. Before the calendar even flipped to April, the U.S. Department of Education granted waivers to all 50 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, and the Bureau of Indian Education.  

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    Educational Assessment Assessment Literacy School Improvement Assessment Use of Assessment Results

    Tongue Tied by Testing Terminology

    Collaborating to Fill a Void in Information to Support the Effective Use of Educational Assessment

    City Year is an American education nonprofit organization founded in 1988 and dedicated to helping students and schools succeed. The organization partners with public schools in 29 high-need communities across the U.S. and through international affiliates. The Center for Assessment has been partnering with City Year for several months to help increase the assessment knowledge and skills of City Year staff. We’ve had the privilege of working with Will Scarbrough, the head of Student Analytics for City Year, on this project.

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