How do we know – Evaluating Programs

These are the slides that will be used for the end of Day 1 and beginning of Day 2 sessions (RILS 2022). For Day 1, Juan D’Brot, Chris Brandt, and Scott Marion will provide attendees an opportunity to explore one of three problems of practice and brainstorm some potential root causes and potential solutions. After this activity, participants will consider the differences between formative assessment and formative evaluation. The first day will conclude with a brief discussion of program evaluation and the differences between formative and summative evaluation.

For Day 2, the facilitators will continue to explore program evaluation with attendees and describe the role that a theory of action and logic models play in developing a sound evaluation plan. Following a brief presentation, attendees will have the opportunity to consider different types of evaluation indicators and whether they are more summative or formative in nature. The presenters will then walk everyone through developing an evaluation plan. Attendees will then have the opportunity to develop their own evaluation plans based on the problem they addressed in Day 1.