Text Dependent Analysis Replacement Units for grades 3-8:

Successfully analyzing text, at any grade level, requires more than a lesson that guides students in responding to a text dependent analysis prompt for one particular text. Students need to engage in a series of coherent units throughout the entire year that systematically promote deeper learning and analysis of the reading/literary elements. These Replacement Units are intended to supplant ineffective units that do not move beyond superficial understandings, knowledge, and skills of English language arts. This is not to suggest that the selected texts in current units of instruction are not complex or appropriate. In fact, there are many high-quality texts in anthologies and other resources that are currently used in classes, schools, and districts. Replacement units provide teachers with a way to reshuffle the texts in order for students to dive deeply into comprehension and analysis of a small set of reading/ literary elements using a variety of texts, and to demonstrate the ability to respond to a TDA prompt in writing. The Pennsylvania Academic Standards for English Language Arts require moving instruction away from generic questions to questions that require students to analyze what they are reading. This will help to ensure that students are college and career ready.

Materials Include:
Grade 3 – Analyzing Characterization and Central Message
Grade 4 – Analyzing Character and Theme
Grade 5 – Analyzing Character and Theme