We engage deeply with our clients to address technical, policy, and practical measurement and accountability challenges. These relationships allow us to understand our clients’ contexts so that we can best apply our technical and policy expertise, while building the capacity of the individuals and organizations with whom we work.

We work primarily with state and district assessment and accountability leaders and also with policy makers at all levels such as state chiefs, board members, and legislators. Additionally, we seek strategic partnerships with other organizations, such as the Council of Chief State School Officers, Achieve, and KnowledgeWorks, and philanthropic foundations to help support our mission of improving student learning through high quality assessment and accountability systems.

The Center currently supports two-thirds (33) of all states as well as working with several large school districts and other non-profit organizations committed to better assessment and accountability. We offer both comprehensive and targeted services across a wide range of technical and practical areas.  While our core work is in the areas of educational assessment and accountability, we often engage in related work to support our clients’ goals and policies.