About Us

The need to ensure that all students have access to high-quality education has never been more pressing. The research is clear: most young people will need some form of post-secondary education in order to be successful in our information-based global economy. Far too few students have these opportunities—and even for those who make it to college or other career training, the remediation rates are staggering.


The Center for Assessment strives to increase student learning through more meaningful educational assessment and accountability practices. We engage in deep partnerships with state and district education leaders to design, implement, and evaluate assessment and accountability policies and programs, and to design technically sound policy solutions to support important educational goals.

State and Federal policymakers are implementing policies and programs intended to increase the readiness of students for post-secondary success and lifelong learning. They are raising educational standards and expectations for student performance. Nearly all states, in response to the recently passed Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and other policies, are developing new initiatives to measure and report on school and district progress in improving student outcomes.

At the same time, some states and district leaders are pursuing innovative approaches, such as personalized and competency-based models, which call for substantial changes in how they approach assessment and accountability. The assessment landscape is in flux as states seek to find more efficient and effective ways to measure student learning. 

The National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment, Inc. (Center for Assessment), a Dover, NH-based not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation, was founded to address the changes underway in educational assessment and accountability, and future challenges that will emerge. We are poised to support education leaders as they work to improve their systems and to deal with the challenges that invariably arise when they are maintaining or transitioning existing systems.

The Center for Assessment occupies a unique niche in the world of educational consulting. Our professionals have the deep knowledge typically found in academia, but almost all have worked in real- world settings such as state departments of education, district offices, and testing companies. While our professionals have well-deserved reputations as thought leaders in assessment and accountability, we also have actually built, implemented, and evaluated a range of assessment and accountability solutions working with a broad range of clients across the country. Learn more about this on the Team page.

Then and Now: A History of the Center for Assessment

Since 1998, the Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment has focused on improving educational assessment and accountability to support school quality and student learning. While we've accomplished a lot over two decades, we recognize there is much work to be done. We are approaching the next 20 years with optimism and drive.