Connecting Technical, Practical, and Policy Knowledge

Extensive Expertise

We offer extensive expertise and tailored support to states and districts.

The Center’s team of experts are not just consultants. We focus on technical, practical, and policy issues that influence the effectiveness of assessment and accountability designs to best support state and district educational policies and programs.

Marrying Expertise with Context

Our evaluation and measurement expertise, coupled with a thorough understanding of policy and practical contexts, enables us to help you design and successfully implement effective and technically-defensible accountability systems.

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Building Long-Term Relationships

We are not a quick-fix organization. While we provide quality advice to solve immediate technical problems, our overall approach is to build long-term relationships with our state and district partners so we can help you avoid problems and allow you to work toward productive innovation.

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Solving and Anticipating Problems of Practice

Our expertise uniquely positions us to solve current problems of practice and anticipate challenges that may arise due to current requirements and/or designs. We are known for inventing widely-used solutions for improving assessment and accountability systems.

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Sharing Our Knowledge

Sharing Our Knowledge

We are firmly committed to an open-access ethic. We believe in sharing everything we’re learning in order to advance the goals of public education. On a practical level for our clients and partners, being an open-access organization keeps us from having to “reinvent the wheel” for each new project. For this reason, the Center for Assessment insists that all projects with which we engage maintain an open-source approach to intellectual property.

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