Latest News from The Center For Assessment

Latest News from the Center for Assessment

Improving School Accountability Now: A New Paper

The last few years have produced a groundswell of interest in improving our school accountability systems. Some suggest it’s necessary to fine-tune current practices. Others advocate sweeping reforms that pave […]

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Through-Year Assessment: Ten Key Considerations

Through-year assessment is enjoying a surge of attention and more than a dozen states are designing, piloting, or implementing versions of this assessment model to replace their current end-of-year summative […]

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Center for Assessment NCME Annual Award

I’m Scott Marion, Executive Director of the Center, and I’m pleased to be herewith our Board chair, Henry Braun, and Senior Associate, Damian Betebenner.Our associate director, Chris Domaleski, is very […]

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The Operational Best Practices for Accountability

The Operational Best Practices for Accountability are intended to provide states with guidance and criteria for the design, development, implementation, evaluation, and potential revision of accountability systems under ESSA. These […]

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