2000 Reidy Interactive Lecture Series

Technical Issues Affecting State Accountability Systems

In response to the demand for educational accountability and greater student achievement, many state legislatures have enacted measures that call for formal, data-driven accountability systems. Often tied to rewards and sanctions, the systems pose great challenges to schools and districts. Practitioners and policy makers responsible for the design and implementation of such systems must ensure that they are educationally sound and technically defensible.

Session I:

Reliability: To what extent would accountability labels and judgments about students, teachers, schools and districts be replicated if made again?
Richard Hill, Center for Assessment

Session II:

Validity: To what extent does the accountability system encourage people to do the things you want them to do?
Eva Baker, CRESST and UCLA

Session III:

Comparability of Populations and Scores When comparisons are made over time, how do you know the groups being compared are comparable?
Brian Gong, Center for Assessment