2003 Reidy Interactive Lecture Series

Improving the Validity of States' Standards-Based Assessment and Accountability Systems

States will likely face substantive and legal challenges to the school/district classification decisions made as a result of implementing their No Child Left Behind (NCLB) accountability systems. This session is designed to assist state leaders in identifying particular threats to the legal defensibility of their system and to offer a framework and particular suggestions for implementing a more valid, and therefore more defensible, system.

Session I:

Building Legally Defensible Accountability Systems
Scott Palmer, Nixon & Peabody, Inc.
Richard Hill, Center for Assessment

Session II:

Evaluating the Validity of State Accountability Systems
Scott Marion, Center for Assessment
Brian Gong, Center for Assessment

Session III:

Design Considerations for Building Out State Assessment Systems
Stanley Rabinowitz, WestEd
Marge Petit, Center for Assessment