2006 Reidy Interactive Lecture Series

Comprehensive Assessment Systems to Improve Student Learning

Formative, interim, and large-scale assessments all have a place as components of a comprehensive assessment system to help improve teaching and learning in the classroom. This was the subject of the exciting interactions among the presenters and participants at this year's RILS conference. The sessions focused on the types of assessment activities being offered and we explored the role that each can play to promote student achievement. The importance of articulating a clear view of what should be learned and how students come to learn it-organized as clear developmental targets or learning progressions-provided a foundational presentation for assessment design sessions. Subsequent presentations focused on defining, illustrating, and providing guidance for evaluating formative, interim/benchmark, and large-scale assessments and how each contributes to creating a comprehensive assessment system for fostering student learning. Finally, along with outstanding leaders who are creating such comprehensive assessment systems at the state and district levels, we discussed key policy issues and offered insights into how to successfully address the challenges of implementing these systems in their various settings.

Session I:

Overview of Comprehensive Assessment Systems: Yes, the Large-Scale Assessment Matters
Stanley Rabinowitz, WestEd

Session II:

Establishing Learning Goals
Brian Gong, Center for Assessment

Session III:

Linking Formative Assessment Approaches to Instructional Decisions
Karin Hess, Center for Assessment

Session IV:

Design Considerations for Interim/Benchmark Assessments
Marianne Perie, Center for Assessment

Session V:

Formative and Benchmark Assessment Applications
Tim Wiley, Eduventures, LLC.

Session VI:

The State and District Role: Supporting Professional Development and Building Policy Structures (Implementation Strategies)
Scott Marion, Center for Assessment

Session VII:

Implementation Strategies for States and Districts
Bob Stanton, Lamoille South Supervisory Union, VT