Student Learning Objectives Toolkit

The Student Learning Objectives Toolkit is a resource developed by the Center to help educators map out the process for developing quality SLOs. The Toolkit currently consists of:

A video module that assists educators in selecting or developing assessments that will measure their SLO Learning Goal and monitor student progress. Student Learning Objectives Assessments

A video module that introduces Student Learning Objectives and the development process.
Introduction to Student Learning Objectives

A video module that describes baseline data and their use in establishing targets on Student Learning Objectives. Student Learning Objectives: Establishing the Baseline

A video module that explains analyzing data for setting targets on Student Learning Objectives. Student Learning Objectives: Setting Targets

A PowerPoint that walks through the process and the accompanying materials. It even has a script, so users can utilize the presentation for professional development, or to get more details than what is stated on each slide: Student Learning Objectives Training

A blank template, which indicates the components that need to be completed for developing an SLO: Blank Student Learning Objectives Template

In order to ensure that the SLO is coherent and cohesive, it is recommended to first use the SLO Planning Information: Student Learning Objectives Planning Pages

An instructional guide, which provides guidance in understanding the SLO template and the process for developing a cohesive and acceptable quality SLO: Instructional Guide for Developing Student Learning Objectives

A guidance document to understand the use of baseline data to set SLO targets: Using Baseline Data and Information to set Student Learning Objectives Targets

A rubric for rating the quality of SLOs, to be sure that the content included all meet a minimum requirement before it is used for teacher ratings: Rubric for Rating the Quality of Student Learning Objectives

An example using 12th grade social studies, that includes the SLO Template and Planning Pages (including the teacher rating): Social Studies SLO Example, Social Studies SLO Planning Pages Example and an accompanying annotated version that shows how each piece can be analyzed: Annotated Social Studies SLO Example.

A Tool that provides a framework for evaluating the quality of an SLO and serves as a companion to the SLO Rubric: Student Learning Objectives Review Tool

Considerations for Analyzing Educators’ Contributions to Student Learning in Non-tested Subjects and Grades with a focus on Student Learning Objectives
This paper discusses the many challenges of measuring student academic growth for teacher evaluations in non-tested subjects and grades, while offering potential solutions for incorporating student performance results in these evaluations. The paper addresses these challenges and potential solutions with a specific focus on student learning objectives (SLO).
Measurement Considerations for NTSG