Carl Cohn, Vice-President of the Center for Assessment’s Board of Trustees, Elected to the National Academy of Education

Mar 21, 2024

Prestigious Panel Chooses New Members for Their Expertise in Education Research and Policy

The National Academy of Education announced this week that 14 exceptional education leaders and scholars are elected to membership in the Academy. Carl Cohn, the vice-chair of the Center for Assessment’s Board of Trustees, is among those named to the NAEd this year. The Center’s executive director, Scott Marion, was elected to the NAEd in 2023.

Dr. Cohn was a legendary urban superintendent in Long Beach, Calif., and San Diego for many years, earning the McGraw Prize in 2002 and the Broad Prize in 2003. He has continued his service as a graduate faculty member at the University of Southern California, the Claremont Graduate University, George Washington University, and as a faculty advisor to the Broad Superintendents Academy and the Harvard Urban Superintendents Program. We are grateful to have him sharing his wisdom on our board.

The new members listed below represent a wide range of expertise in education research and policy:

Catherine Bradshaw, University of Virginia
Angela Calabrese Barton, University of Michigan
Carl Cohn, Harvard/Claremont Graduate University
Christine Cunningham, Boston Museum of Science
Nell Duke, University of Michigan and Stand for Children
Kara Finnigan, University of Michigan and Spencer Foundation
Joyce King, Georgia State University
Pamela Morris-Perez, New York University
Susan Sheridan, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Joel Westheimer, University of Ottawa
Melanie Cooper, Michigan State University
Melanie Killen, University of Maryland
Anne Marie Núñez, University of Texas at El Paso
Allan Wigfield, University of Maryland

Carol Lee, president of the National Academy of Education said: “We are delighted to welcome these diverse and trailblazing education leaders to the Academy. Their guidance will help expand our research and professional development endeavors.”

The National Academy of Education advances high quality education research and its use in policy and practice. The Academy consists of U.S. members and international associates who are elected based on outstanding scholarship or leadership related to education. Nominations are submitted by individual Academy members once a year for review and election by the organization’s membership. In addition to serving on expert study panels that address pressing issues in education, members are also deeply engaged in the Academy’s professional development fellowship programs.