Approach and Impact

We are not a quick fix organization. It’s not that we cannot provide quality advice to solve immediate technical problems. Rather, the Center’s approach is to build long-term relationships with our state and district partners so that we can both situate our technical advice within a deep understanding of the policy context and so that we can help build expertise in the organization that we are supporting. In other words, we do not want to be the “keepers of the knowledge,” so we work hard to share our expertise with others using well-established knowledge-transfer protocols.

Center for Assessment staff members are experts in assessment and accountability with profound experience in practical contexts such as state and district educational systems. As such, we are able to solve current problems of practice as well as anticipating challenges that may arise due to current requirements and/or designs. Center staff members are known for inventing many widely-used solutions for supporting improvements in educational assessment and accountability including:

  • Student Growth Percentiles (SGP)
  • Student Learning Objectives (SLO)
  • Assessment alignment methodologies
  • Text-dependent analysis designs and support
  • Reliability analyses for educational accountability systems

Additionally, we generate countless white papers, policy briefs, and other products to support our clients and many others understand key issues in our field as assessment and accountability leaders design programs to support current and future initiatives. Importantly, we freely distribute (for non-commercial use) all of our inventions and other products as part of our mission to improve student learning through better assessment and accountability systems.

The Center for Assessment is seen as the “go to organization” when states and others are wrestling with challenges at the intersection of policy, practical, and technical know-how. As such, Center staff members are regularly asked to speak at and support national convenings dealing with the implementation key federal laws such as the Every Student Succeeds Act. Center staff members also routinely present our work at national and international professional conferences and publish our work in peer-review scientific journals as well as more popular outlets.