Erika Landl (formerly Hall) strives to develop innovative, user-friendly frameworks and procedures that operationalize best practice related to the design, implementation and validation of assessments and accountability systems. Since joining the Center in July 2012, she has worked with several states to articulate coherent, defensible theories of action aligned to state goals and policy initiatives, and has developed user-friendly resources that support the evaluation and refinement of educator evaluation and school accountability systems. She has consulted on the design of innovative assessments, including those for Career Technical Education; generated papers summarizing current practices related to the evaluation of educators in non-tested grades and subjects, and supported individual states and consortia in drafting detailed Requests for Proposal (RFPs).  Most recently Erika developed a tools and process to support the evaluation of large scale summative assessments against CCSSO’s Assessment Quality Criteria.

She is the lead on multiple technical advisory committees including Pennsylvania and Arkansas, and frequently develops white papers and presentations for technical and non-technical audiences at the national, state and local levels.

Erika previously served as a Senior Research Scientist at Pearson, where she was lead psychometrician for a variety of state and national assessment programs. During her 13 years at Pearson, she was responsible for the planning, management and coordination of the full array of psychometric activities necessary to sustain a large scale assessment program, including test design and development, scaling and equating, item and test analysis, parameter estimation, standard setting, the development of reliability and validity research, report design, and the creation of technical documentation.

Erika received a Ph.D. in Educational Measurement and Statistics from the University of Iowa.

Erika Landl is committed to helping state and national clients understand and articulate the design implications of their assessment and accountability systems.

Recent and Relevant Publications

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