Launching 23 Classroom Assessment Learning Modules!

Classroom Assessment Learning Modules 2.0

Educational Assessment 101 for K-12 Teachers

Today we have exciting news to share: An expansive and free set of 23 professional Classroom Assessment Learning Modules for teachers is now available!

At the beginning of the pandemic, we developed and released a set of free, online learning modules that support the development of educators’ classroom assessment literacy in areas critical to student academic success and reducing achievement gaps. The 7 modules provided educational leaders and teachers with the materials, resources, and tools they needed to support re-entry with students in Fall 2020 and beyond.

Jeri and I worked closely with educators and assessment specialists in several states over the last two years to refine and expand that original set of modules and are developing a comprehensive set of teacher and school/district leader professional learning modules to promote best practices in classroom assessment and use of standardized test information in schools and districts across the United States. 

Classroom Assessment Learning Modules for Teachers, Version 2.0

Today,we are ready to share an expanded set of 23 Classroom Assessment professional learning modules for teachers.Each module is centered around a key problem of practice related to classroom assessment or how standardized assessments can be interpreted and used to support student learning. 

There is a coherent sequence of learning developed across the modules in each strand and some modules depend on understanding concepts from a previous module within a strand. However, each strand is stand-alone and does not need to be completed in order. Here’s the version 2.0 outline:

Structure and Use of the Modules

Each module contains a pre-recorded video presentation that is 15-25 minutes in length with an accompanying script and PDF handout. There are also downloadable slide decks, supplementary tools, and handouts. Practice exercises are embedded throughout the learning modules to help educators apply the knowledge and skills in their context.

The learning modules were created to be used by groups of teachers during professional learning communities, team meetings, in-service trainings, etc. Given that meetings during the school day typically last around 40-45 minutes, the modules were created so that they could be watched and then discussed within that block of time. Groups may decide to pause and discuss the video content at any point during the video. We believe it is crucial that teachers have time to process, discuss, and apply the material reviewed in each module in collaborative and collegial environments. Individual teachers can then respond to the reflection questions and perhaps share their applications and lingering questions at the beginning of the next group meeting. 

However, the modules can also be used by individual teachers who want to build their professional knowledge, skills, and understandings around classroom assessment literacy. Educators can complete each module independently in a self-paced format.

Next Steps

Stay tuned for a comprehensive set of K-12 school and district leader professional learning modules that parallel the content in many of the teacher modules but focus on the needs of school/district leaders. We hope to have the leader version added to the Resource Page by the end of August!