2004 Reidy Interactive Lecture Series

Incorporating Measures of Student Growth Into State Accountability Systems

October 7th – 8th


Session I
Validity Considerations When Measuring Growth
Scott Marion, Center for Assessment
Session II
Vertically-Articulated Content Standards, Test Specifications, and Score Scales
Vertically-Articulated Content Standards
Lauress Wise,
Vertically Articulated Content Standards – Lessons Learned
Karin Hess, Center for Assessment
Vertically-Articulated Grade Level Expectations and Test Specifications
Stanley Rabinowitz, WestEd
Session III
Technical Considerations When Measuring Student Growth
Pete Goldschmidt, CRESST
Session IV
Incorporating Growth Measurements in Statewide Accountability Systems
Explicitly Valuing Growth
Richard Hill, Center for Assessment
Using Student Growth Measures in School Accountability
Brian Gong, Center for Assessment