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    ESSA School Disruption Accountability School Improvement COVID-19 Response

    The Outlook for ESSA School Accountability After COVID-19

    A Return to the Status Quo is Unlikely and That’s Just Fine

    For those hoping for minimal disruption to ESSA school accountability, I have bad news and more bad news.    

    The bad news is that school accountability as we know it is entirely offline for 2020. Before the calendar even flipped to April, the U.S. Department of Education granted waivers to all 50 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, and the Bureau of Indian Education.  

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    Educational Assessment Assessment Literacy School Improvement Assessment Use of Assessment Results

    Tongue Tied by Testing Terminology

    Collaborating to Fill a Void in Information to Support the Effective Use of Educational Assessment

    City Year is an American education nonprofit organization founded in 1988 and dedicated to helping students and schools succeed. The organization partners with public schools in 29 high-need communities across the U.S. and through international affiliates. The Center for Assessment has been partnering with City Year for several months to help increase the assessment knowledge and skills of City Year staff. We’ve had the privilege of working with Will Scarbrough, the head of Student Analytics for City Year, on this project.

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    next-generation assessment Educational Assessment Validity Accountability

    The Next Generation of State Assessment and Accountability

    Part 3: Changes to the Current Accountability Model That May Fundamentally Reshape Educational Assessment and Accountability

    This is the final installment in a three-part series on the future of large-scale state assessment and accountability. Of course, it is impossible to know the future, but forecasts for educational assessment can be informed by examining what has shaped state assessment and accountability in the past. 

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    Educational Assessment School Disruption COVID-19 Response

    COVID-19: In Search of Continuity of Student Learning After Extended School Closures

    Looking Beyond Large-Scale Assessment for Valuable Information to Support Schools, Teachers, and Students

    I have been uplifted by the dialogue that is occurring across the country as we deal with truly unprecedented extended school closures and minimized services to families and students. I consistently hear state education leaders focus on the need to provide support to families and their children to ensure they are safe, healthy, fed, and continue learning; which requires continuous flexibility and identifying innovative approaches to how services are provided. 

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    COVID-19 Response Assessment Accountability

    An Assessment Response to Anticipated Learning Gaps

    Implications of School Closures on Assessment Needs

    According to Education Week, “as of March 23, 2020, 7:31 p.m. ET: 46 states have decided to close schools. Combined with district closures in other states, at least 123,000 U.S. public and private schools are closed, are scheduled to close, or were closed and later reopened, affecting at least 54.8 million students”.

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    Educational Assessment Educational Contracts School Disruption COVID-19 Response

    We're All in This Together

    Dealing Fairly with Assessment Contracts as Schools Cancel or Suspend Student Testing During the COVID-19 Crisis

    As of this writing, more than 80% of U.S. K-12 students will be home from school for at least multiple weeks. More likely, many or most could be out for the rest of the school year. Therefore, many states have decided to call off or suspend student testing for the 2019-2020 school year – and the number of states following suit are doing so by the day.

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    COVID-19 Response

    Considering Equity Within Accountability Systems in Response to Interruptions in Schooling: Making Accountability Systems Help 

    Identifying and Providing Compensatory Support to Groups of Students Most Impacted by Disruptions to Their Schooling

    Right now, the focus of parents and educators is, rightly, on keeping students safe. 

    American schools, however, are also on the frontlines to address inequality. Recent concerns about the accessibility of free and reduced lunch services with school closures in response to COVID-19 only serve to highlight the critical role schools play in providing services to students most in need. 

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    COVID-19 Response Assessment Accountability School Disruption

    School Disruption Due to COVID-19

    A High-Level Overview of Likely Implications and Options for Assessment and Accountability

    Like many of you, I’m closely following the news of the growing threat associated with the COVID-19 virus. Obviously, it is a difficult time for many and my primary thoughts are with those whose health or welfare are directly affected.  

    During this time, education leaders are grappling with tough decisions regarding whether to close schools or suspend activities. These decisions have many wide-ranging implications, and one such implication we’re focused on at the Center is the short- and long-term impact to assessment and accountability systems. 

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    Evaluation Educational Measurement Assessment Accountability

    Connecting Measurement, Research, and Evaluation 

    An Educational Perspective 

    Last fall, Senior Associate Juan D’Brot was elected to the executive committee of the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation, formed in 1975 as a coalition of professional associations in the United States and Canada concerned with the quality of evaluation practice. 

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    School Improvement Educational Assessment Accountability Systems Assessment Accountability

    School Improvement is Hard! How Can Educational Assessment and Accountability Systems Help? 

    Building a Better Theory of Action to Enhance the Utility of Assessment and Accountability Systems

    How do schools improve? More importantly, how can school improvement be sustained over time and at scale? 

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