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Educating Pablo: A Play About Through Course Assessment Systems

Dissecting the Conundrum of Testing Throughout the Year or Once at the End in a Conversation Between Teacher and Student

Various states have advanced through-course proposals, in which states administer tests throughout the year rather than only once at the end. Some of these proposals come through the Innovative Assessment Demonstration Authority (IADA). Others are externally funded initiatives or proposed as a one-time spring 2021 replacement for traditional end-of-year state tests.

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Making Sense of Recent COVID-19 Impact Studies by Interim Assessment Vendors

Part 1 of a 3-part Series on The Practical Implications of COVID-19 “Learning Loss” Studies

It has been a year since COVID-19 made it impossible for states to administer state assessment programs last spring. Since then, multiple studies using data from commercial “interim” assessments have been put forward to help the field understand the pandemic’s impact on student learning. Through these special Covid-19 impact studies, assessment vendors have attempted to shed light on the effects of the pandemic on learning nationally. In this three-part CenterLine series, we address the practical implications of these studies for learning recovery.

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School Disruption Learning Loss Education Reform Educational Assessment Assessment COVID-19 Response

Contextualizing COVID-19 “Learning Loss” and “Learning Recovery”

Education Reform has Always Been About Recovering Losses in Learning.

In a late April survey by EdWeek, 320 district administrators were asked to indicate the most urgent needs that assessment vendors could help within the wake of COVID-19.

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Are Test-Takers Getting the Most from Technology-Enhanced Items?

Establishing Scoring Rules to Make the Use of TEIs More Efficient and Effective

Technology-Enhanced Items (TEIs) are a kind of test question or task. A characteristic feature of TEIs is that, in contrast to traditional multiple-choice (MC) items, which require the selection or “bubbling” of a single option, TEIs generally require test-takers to make more than one interaction with the item.

The most interesting TEIs are simulations with game-like contexts. Picture a virtual laboratory where the goal is to isolate a specific compound, or a simulated garden where the test-taker can conduct an experiment to learn about (or be tested on) a concept in genetics. 

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