With a background in research, test development, and psychometrics, Will Lorié, Ph.D., enjoys helping others solve complex assessment problems in diverse settings. Most recently, he has written about the challenges of implementing through-year testing, the tradeoffs associated with reduced testing for school accountability programs, and the possibility of supporting trans-academic skills like ethical thinking without yielding to rigid measurement imperatives. His current focus is on the role of AI in assessment creation, validation, and reporting.

Before joining the Center for Assessment, Will held senior scientist and business development positions at McGraw-Hill and ETS. As a senior education specialist at the World Bank, he assisted ministries of education with technical aspects of their testing programs. In 2009, he was awarded a Department of Defense contract to develop and validate reading and listening comprehension tests for nine languages.

Will led education research and evaluation projects at Questar, formulating a framework for scoring technology-enhanced test items. At the Pearson Center for NextGen Learning & Assessment, Will concept-tested speech-based AI engines for language learning, an effort which led to the development of a prototype speaking and listening language learning engine under a 2018 Small Business Innovative Research award from the Institute for Education Sciences.

Will serves on the technical advisory committees for the ELPA21 and Alt-ELPA assessment programs. Through Center contracts, he also contributes to the assessment TACs for Illinois and Utah.

Will is a member of AERA (since 2001), NCME (2001), the Psychometric Society (2008), and APA (2013). Will obtained a Ph.D. in Education from the Stanford Graduate School of Education and an M.S. in Statistics from Stanford University.

Recent and Relevant Publications

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