2007 Reidy Interactive Lecture Series

English Language Learner Assessment and Accountability: Critical Considerations for Design and Implementation

September 27th – 28th


Session I
Setting the Stage: English Language Learner Assessment and Accountability
Stanley Rabinowitz, WestEd
Session II
ELL Assessment – Technical Requirements for the Assessment of ELL Students
Validating Accountability Systems
What is Valid? What is Fair? Technical Requirements for the Assessment of ELL Students Presentation

Issues in the Development of Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs) for WIDA Consortium States Handout
Some Thoughts on English Language Proficiency Standards to Academic Content Standards Alignment Handout
The WIDA Consortium’s English Language Proficiency Standards for English Language Learners in Kindergarten through Grade 12 Handout
Gary Cook, WCER
Evaluation of the Technical Evidence of Assessments for Special Student Populations
Edynn Sato, WestEd
Session III
ELL Assessment – Access and Accommodations
Charlene Rivera, Center for Equity and Excellence in Education
Maria Pennock-Roman, MPR Psychometric & Statistical Services
Session IV
ELL Accountability
When ELL Students Take Both Title I and Title III Assessments
Scott Marion, Center for Assessment
The State of English Language Learners: Kentucky Department of Education
Shelda Hale, Kentucky Department of Education
Session V
A Framework of English Language Proficiency Standards and Assessments (draft being developed for USED)
Edynn Sato, WestEd