Symposia: Application of Needs-Based Models to Support Sociocultural Approaches to Improving Educators’ Assessment Literacy

Publication Date: 2021-10-22


The purpose of this symposium was to explore a needs-based assessment model approach to identify, support, and sustain the development of K-12 educators’ assessment literacy capacities in ways that are situated and differential. To do so, we explored the assumptions underlying traditional models of professional learning and knowledge-based supports/resources provided to educators around assessment literacy. We then examined how those assumptions are potentially at odds with a sociocultural understanding of assessment literacy, as well as best practices around adult learning and professional development. We used different needs-based assessment models to explore the importance of matching assessment literacy professional learning design to the specific and contextual needs of participants. The symposium ended with discussant remarks and questions.



Carla Evans , Erika Landl , Jeri Thompson , Charlie DePascale