2013 Reidy Interactive Lecture Series

Assessing College and Career Readiness: 2015 and Beyond

September 26th-September 27th

Day 1

Beyond the Common Core: Patrick Kyllonen
Measurement of 21st Century Skills Within the Common Core State Standards
Patrick C. Kyllonen
The Importance of Higher Education and the Role of Noncognitive Attributes in College Success
Patrick C. Kyllonen
Patrick C. Kyllonen
Beyond the Common Core
Patrick C. Kyllonen
Validating CCR Standards and Assessments
Scott Marion
VALIDITY: Multiple Means to Provide Trustworthiness
David Mandel

Day 2

Making Necessary and Sustainable Improvements: David Conley
Measuring Skills and Dispositions
David Conley
Skills Dispositions Review of Lit
David Conley
System of Assessments Excerpt
David Conley
Plugged In: Analyzing Teen Media Use
David Conley