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Juan D’Brot joined the Center in February 2016 and has led and contributed to work on developing ESSA-aligned accountability systems, growth models, exploring graduation options for students based on local legislation, peer review submissions, and revising readiness assessments for educational organizations and numerous states and jurisdictions. His work interests include assessment and accountability technical and policy issues, assessment and accountability design and implementation, measures of student growth, standard setting, educator accountability systems, and impact evaluation of policy and programs. Juan is especially interested in helping states and educational entities solve intricate problems in assessment and accountability design and implementation that often result from an intersection of policy, technical, and practical issues while navigating complex relationships between agencies.

Juan has been the author or co-author of various publications focusing on process and summative evaluations of supplemental educational services, teacher-focused professional development, the impact of accountability systems, the impact of interim assessment practices on summative assessment results, and the evaluation of technical assistance efforts provided to state and local education agencies throughout the country. He has also participated in over two-dozen invited or peer-reviewed presentations at professional conferences focusing on assessment, accountability, and research in education.

Prior to joining the Center, Juan was the Senior Director of Research at Data Recognition Corporation, where he provided leadership and assessment vision as the liaison between DRC Research and other departments to develop and disseminate strategic and technology-based solutions aligned to DRC’s assessment programs. He was also responsible for designing, computing, and evaluating all traditional and IRT statistical analyses, including defining, managing, and monitoring all psychometric analyses. Previously, he served as the Director of Strategic Research Solutions for CTB and as the Executive Director of Assessment, Accountability, Research, and Evaluation for the state of West Virginia. As the Executive Director, he was responsible for the administration, development and implementation of all aspects of the statewide balanced assessment system, the state and federal accountability system, and providing strategic and direct oversight of grant-based and independent research and evaluation services for the department. During his tenure there, he implemented a balanced assessment system, transitioned the state to 100% online testing, implemented the West Virginia Growth Model, developed an approved growth-based accountability system under ESEA Flexibility, and led standard settings to define statewide cut scores for effective schools and teachers. He continues to leverage his previous experience as a research and evaluation specialist to help others understand the meaning behind quantitative and qualitative findings and to apply those results to policy and practice.

Juan received a Ph.D. from Capella University with a concentration in Industrial-Organizational Quantitative Psychology.

Juan D’Brot assists clients solving intricate problems in assessment and accountability design and implementation that often result from an intersection of policy, technical, and practical issues while navigating complex relationships between agencies.

Recent and Relevant Publications

D’Brot, J., Lyons, S., & Landl, E. (2017). State systems of identification and support under ESSA: Evaluating identification methods and results in an accountability system. Council of Chief State Schools Officers: Washington, DC.

D’Brot, J. & Marion, S. (2018). Alabama state assessment system: Recommendations from the assessment task force. National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment: Dover, NH.

D’Brot, J. D. (2016). A system of performance standards: Policy reviews as an additional layer of validity. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Council on Measurement in Education: Washington, DC.


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