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Creating Range and Target Performance Level Descriptors
This Handbook and corresponding Powerpoints provide a guide for building Range and Target PLDs for large scale assessments that are designed for the multiple purposes of measuring student achievement and growth, producing data to inform teacher and school ... MORE
M. Christina Schneider,
Karla L. Egan
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Slides (187KB)
Using Student Growth Percentiles for Educator Evaluations at the Teacher Level: Key Issues and Technical Considerations for School Districts in Colorado
The National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment (NCIEA) and the Center for Assessment Design, Research and Evaluation (CADRE) developed this report to help districts in Colorado understand some of the technical design and policy issues of ... MORE
Elena Diaz-Bilello,
Derek Briggs
Paper (616KB)
A Framework to Support the Validation of Educator Evaluation Systems
This paper provides a framework to support the conceptualization and development of a comprehensive validation plan uniquely aligned to a defined Educator Evaluation System.
Erika Hall
Paper (446KB)
Linking Research with Practice-text complexity
The Hess Text Complexity Tools have been updated with two interactive PDF rubrics (Tool # 7 and Tool #8) for qualitatively analyzing informational and literary texts and planning instruction (Tool #6). You can now also view a short video posted on YouTube, ... MORE
Assessment Transition and Implications for Accountability
Domaleski and Hall present a framework for developing a transition plan for state accountability systems when new assessments are introduced.
Chris Domaleski,
Erika Hall
Paper (245 KB)
Establishing a Common Core Assessment Program: A Contract Conundrum
States attempting to adopt a common core aligned state assessment, particularly those committed to a national consortium, are finding the procurement process to be more complicated than in the past. In particular, efforts to identify an assessment prior to ... MORE
Charles DePascale
Paper (734KB)
The Common Core in the Context of Standards-Based Reform
The brief paper helps to contextualize the Common Core State Standards as the next step in a 30-year history of standards-based educational reform.
Scott Marion
Paper (32KB)
Further Analysis of Gains Made by Interrupted Students
After the initial report of findings was presented in Indiana, legislators raised the question of whether the overall finding of no impact could be a function of two factors cancelling each other out: some students were adversely impacted by the ... MORE
Richard Hill
Paper (68KB)
ESEA Flexibility Requests
This paper provides an overview of state differentiated accountability systems in response to federal ESEA waivers. It includes illustrations of promising practices in accountability design and recommendations to address implementation challenges. ... MORE
Chris Domaleski,
William Erpenbach
Paper (1,428KB)
Different But the Same: Assessment "comparability" in the era of the Common Core State Standards
Developed for CCSSO, this white paper provides an overview for policy-makers of the reasons why score comparisons across assessments are especially important now and what is likely to be possible and not possible regarding comparisons across assessments in ... MORE
Brian Gong,
Charles DePascale
Paper (567KB)

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