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A Framework to Support Accountability Evaluation
This paper identifies the key elements underlying a comprehensive accountability system evaluation and illustrates how the framework can be applied to design an evaluation plan for state and locally defined education accountability systems.
Erika Hall, Chris Domaleski,
Mike Russell,
Laura Pinsonneault
Paper (593KB)
Precision, Interpretability & Utility of SGPs: A response to Why we should abandon student growth percentiles
On June 22nd, 2016 the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Center for Educational Assessment (UMASS CEA) released a report authored by Stephen Sireci, Craig Wells, and Lisa Keller entitled “Why we should abandon student growth percentiles”. The report ... MORE
Damian Betebenner,
Charles DePascale,
Scott Marion, Chris Domaleski, Joseph Martineau
Paper (812KB)
Score Comparability across Computerized Assessment Delivery Devices
This paper defines comparability in the era of multiple assessment modes and delivery platforms, reviews the literature on score comparability across computerized devices, and recommends analyses and sources of evidence to support claims of score ... MORE
Charles DePascale,
Nathan Dadey,
Susan Lyons
Paper (349KB)
The Role of the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing in Establishing a Methodology to Support the Evaluation of Assessment Quality
This paper was prepared for the 2016 annual meeting of the National Council for Measurement in Education. Lyons and Hall discuss how the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (2014) were used in the development of a framework for evaluating ... MORE
Susan Lyons,
Erika Hall
Paper (667KB)
A Guide to Evaluating College- and Career-Ready Assessments: Focus on Test Characteristics
These resources were developed by the Center to support comprehensive evaluations of standardized assessments measuring college- and career-ready standards relative to CCSSO’s Criteria for Procuring and Evaluating High Quality Assessments.
Testing Accommodations for Students with Dyslexia: Key Opportunities to Understand Student Thinking
The goal of this paper is to describe dyslexia, investigate current accommodation trends that are often recommended for this population, and to suggest supports teachers can use as they measure what their dyslexic students know and can do.
M. Christina Schneider,
Brian Gong,
Karla L. Egan
Paper (102KB)
Memorandum to USED regarding implementation of the innovative assessment and accountability pilot
This memo to U.S. Education Secretary John King was jointly prepared by the Center for Assessment and KnowledgeWorks in March 2016 to advise on the implementation of the Innovative Assessment and Accountability Demonstration Authority under ESSA.
Scott Marion,
Susan Lyons
Paper (411KB)
Considerations For State Leaders in the Design of School Accountability Systems Under the Every Student Success Act
This brief provides an overview of the school accountability requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act and outlines a process to help state leaders in the design of their systems.
Scott Marion
Paper (54KB)
Guide to Evaluating Assessments Using the CCSSO Criteria for High Quality Assessments: Focus on Test Content
This document, written by Brian Gong and Thanos Patelis, describes the Center for Assessment methodology for evaluating the test content components of the Council of Chief State School Officers’ (CCSSO) Criteria for Procuring and Evaluating High-Quality ... MORE
Brian Gong,
Thanos Patelis
Paper (1163KB)
Recommendations for Addressing the Impact of Test Administration Interruptions and Irregularities
In recent years, several states have experienced technology failures with their computer-based summative tests that have led to administration interruptions. This paper provides a review of the literature and a guide to structure investigations of these ... MORE
Joseph Martineau, Chris Domaleski,
Karla Egan, Thanos Patelis,
Nathan Dadey
Paper (607KB)

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