The Center's COVID-19 Response Resources

State and district leaders are facing multiple concerns in response to widespread and potential long-term school closures due to the growing threat of COVID-19. The concerns are broad and consequential. Leaders are rightfully prioritizing the safety and welfare of students and the community. We have been inspired by the dedication and resourcefulness of leaders who are ensuring essential services, such as meals, are provided as well as facilitating innovative approaches to support remote learning.

Additionally, the school closures present substantial assessment and accountability implications and numerous challenges for state personnel. The Center for Assessment is poised to support our assessment and accountability colleagues around the country with technical, practical, and policy guidance and advice. We launched this page to help you efficiently find the resources you need during these uncertain times.

The resources are organized by the major categories of assessment and accountability and reflect the issues we anticipate state and district leaders will be dealing with over the next few weeks through next year. We hope you find these resources useful and if there is a question that you would like to see addressed, please email us or tweet at us. We continue to wish you all the best in these uncertain times.

Featured Resources