Featured Resources

Text Dependent Analysis Instructional Resources

The following instructional resources have been developed to provide educators with guidance on teaching the underlying components of a text dependent analysis question. MORE >>

Student Learning Objectives Toolkit

The Student Learning Objective Toolkit is a resource developed by the Center to help educators map out the process for developing quality SLOs. MORE >>

Text Dependent Analysis Toolkit

The Text-Dependent Analysis Toolkit is a resource developed by the Center to help educators understand the process for developing TDA questions and scoring and analyzing student responses. MORE >>

Assessment Quality Evaluation Methodology

These resources were developed by the Center to support comprehensive evaluations of standardized assessments measuring College- and Career-Ready Standards relative to CCSSO's Criteria for Procuring and Evaluating High Quality AssessmentsMORE >>

Requests for Proposals Toolkit

Writing requests for proposals (RFPs) can be daunting and confusing. But a well written RFP for state assessment services can save the potential client and potential bidders many headaches in preparing a bid and in evaluating bids. A well written RFP can also save clients and vendors from difficulties of a poorly-specified contract and vague costs for scope increases or decreases. A well specified contract can help clients maintain a comfortable working relationship. This RFP development Toolkit is the result of the author’s work in which he was responsible for developing RFPs and resulting contracts in a difficult political climate as a State Assessment Director and as a consultant for several other states. This Toolkit is intended to ease the process of writing an adequately specified RFP and of developing an adequately specified resulting contract. MORE >>

District Assessment System Design Toolkit

Designing a balanced district assessment system is difficult work that requires stakeholders with different levels of responsibility and authority to come to a common understanding of the purposes of an assessment system with the assessment literacy to know what kinds of assessment with what characteristics are up to the job. This toolkit provides a framework for building that literacy and structuring conversations across political boundaries. Though considerable work remains after completing the work of the toolkit, the high-level design and agreements put a district on a sound footing toward implementation. MORE >>

Assessing 21st Century Skills Resources

These resources were developed by the Center to support best practices related to instructing and assessing 21st century skills—the cognitive, interpersonal, and intrapersonal competencies that students need to succeed in the global workforce. MORE >>

Classroom Assessment Learning Modules

We created a series of learning modules that support the development of educators’ classroom assessment literacy in areas critical to student academic success and reducing achievement gaps. MORE >>

Assessment Literacy Brief for Policymakers

The Center for Assessment and the Assessment Literacy Work Group of CCSSO’s Technical Issues in Large Scale Assessment State Collaborative produced this brief that state assessment specialist can use to help teach state policymakers about key aspects of large-scale statewide assessment. MORE >>